Tunnel to Towers Run July 20th

By Katie Piper

Kate Tunnel to Towers 20 July 2014

On Sunday July 20th I took part in the Tunnel 2 Towers 5k Run. This run originated in America in memory of the emergency workers who lost their lives in the 9/11 terror attacks. It was the second time I have done this run in aid of my charity The Katie Piper Foundation and I was keen to get my running shoes back on after having my baby in March, and was looking forward to supporting the other KPF runners. We started in Southwark Park and ran through the Rotherhithe tunnel to Wapping and then finished in Billingsgate Market. There was a real party atmosphere at the end of the run and I am pleased to say I really enjoyed it! If you want to run it with me next year then please get in touch!


Fashion Show

By Katie Piper

HenlyOn Tuesday 1st July I opened a fashion show at Queen Anne’s School in Caversham. The show was organised by teacher Dr Valerie Vincent and a committee of sixth-form girls who had chosen the Katie Piper Foundation as the charity they wanted to support. The models were pupils from Queen Anne’s and Reading School and the clothes were provided by shops in Henley, Caversham and Reading.

I was so pleased that the younger generation were aware of the charity and wanted to help. The girls worked extremely hard, going out into the community, knocking on doors, looking for gestures of goodwill and putting together a brilliant show. The event raised £2,000 for the Katie Piper Foundation which will be used to make a difference to the lives of burns survivor.

This was my first official engagement since having my daughter in March and it felt great to be back!


Body shockers Series 2

By Katie Piper

King body artI am very excited to share some news with you!   I am going to be filming another series of “Bodyshockers”.

Are you seriously considering getting rid of tattoos, having piercings taken out, ear loops reversed, permanent make up erased, hair extensions removed, breast implants surgically removed or made smaller or any other type of cosmetic work reversed?

Also, are you are about to undergo a cosmetic procedure? This could include having one tattoo or more, implants, multiple piercings or hair extensions. If you are I would love to hear from you. Please get in touch with me.

Please email for an application form at bodyshockers@endemoluk.com or call on 0333 577 7741*.

Baby News!

By Katie Piper

On March 14th this year my partner, James and I welcomed our daughter, Belle Elizabeth into the world. Those of you lucky enough to be mothers already will understand when I say it was the most overwhelming experience of my life and when the midwife put her in my arms all I could say was “That’s our baby!” over and over again!!

Babies really are little miracles and as I touched her tiny fingers and toes and looked at her little face I felt truly blessed that she was ours!

Our families came to visit that day and I watched contentedly as they all looked at her, held her and said how beautiful she was! I decided to call her Belle as that is the French word for ’beautiful’ and France will always hold a special place in my heart as it was there where I began my long journey to recovery. The word ‘beautiful’ is also associated with two of my documentaries and my first book, so there is a connection there too.

I am now beginning to settle into the life of a first time mum, it’s busy and sometimes chaotic and of course very tiring but I wouldn’t change it for the world! James is a doting dad and helps me whenever he can, I love watching them together, he is so gentle and loving with her and she looks so tiny in his arms!

I am gradually getting out and about with her even though it does take most of the day just getting both of us ready to leave the house!  Last month we had our first family holiday together, it was lovely to relax in the Welsh sunshine!

Katie & Belle in Wales

International Women’s Day

By Katie Piper

IWD 2914 k8 & Esther McVeySaturday, March 8 was International Women’s Day and I was invited to speak at an event organised by Esther McVey, Minister for Employment.

The event was attended by some very successful international businesswomen, charity champions, lawyers, magazine editors and young businesswomen at the start of their careers.

I listened to stories from strong, successful women from all walks of life who shared their life’s journey including: Barbara Windsor; Kanya King (who set up the Mobo Awards); Jo Salter (first female British fighter pilot); Bettany Hughes (historian); Arlene Philips (choreographer) and Gloria Hunniford.

Women from multi-millionaires to prison leavers all came together to share their stories with the audience – some very emotional, and all absolutely inspirational.



By Katie Piper

Inspirational parentsOn Friday 28th February I went to the Kiddicare superstore, at the Lombardy Retail Park in Coldharbour Lane.

I had been asked to become an Inspirational Parents Ambassador along with Paralympian Dame Sarah Storey and Apprentice finalist and entrepreneur, Claire Young,

I met other mums and dads with their babies and children, I talked to them about my pregnancy and my hopes for my baby’s future. We shared pregnancy stories and I picked up some valuable tips on impending motherhood!

It was so interesting hearing about so many different experiences and it made me really excited about my baby’s birth!


Body Shockers

By Katie Piper

2.5 million of you tuned in last week to watch episode 1 of Body Shockers: MY TATTOO HELL. I am loving all your responses on Twitter especially the pictures you are all sending me of your pieces of body art, some weird and some wonderful!

This week I am delving into the world of piercings and modifications in BodyShockers: MY PIERCING HELL.

I thought that I was quite daring when I was younger but I meet a fellow beautician Jodie who puts my antics in the shade! Jodie wants to take her body adornment to the next level by getting permanent holes punched into the tops of her ears. I introduce Jodie to Emily who has huge ear piercing regrets, 50mm to be precise- that’s about the size of a coke can!

I also meet trainee lawyer Cherelle, who is going through with a procedure I didn’t even know existed! In a bid to look more like Cheryl Cole she wants to have a dimpleplasty – yes that’s a circular core punched out of each cheek!!!!

I also meet Pete. He has serious regrets about a very big tattoo that’s made him a laughing stock among his mates: his tattoo tribute to his favourite pop star Pink, looks more like Justin Bieber.

And junior doctor Lylah, a high-heel fan shows us how she intends to tolerate killer heels all day by exploring a new procedure in which filler cushions are injected into the feet!

Tune in this Thursday 4th February Channel 4 10pm to see BodyShockers My Piercing HELL
Don’t forget to use the hashtag  #BodyShockers when tweeting so I can see all your comments, questions and reactions!!!

Dija  from Episode 1 had this lion’s face tattooed on her back!Katie and Dija reveal to approve

Bodyshockers January 30th

By Katie Piper

I am excited to share with you the details of a new series I have been making. It’s called “Bodyshockers” and the first episode will be screened on Channel 4 on the 30th January at 10pm. There are 4 episodes in the series.

BODYSHOCKERS: MY TATTOO HELL- 30th January, 10pm Channel 4

BODYSHOCKERS: MY PIERCING HELL- 6th February, 10pm Channel 4

BODYSHOCKERS: MY TATTOO HELL- 13th February, 10pm Channel 4

BODYSHOCKERS: MY BIG BOOB HELL- 20th February, 10pm Channel 4

 The first episode BODYSHOCKERS: MY TATTOO HELL sees me meet up with people who have some pretty shocking  tattoos that they regret having done and want to attempt to have them removed – although as you will find out it’s not always that simple!!!

I’ve been meeting all sorts of people from a 68 year old tattooed granny to a lib dem councillor who is tattooed form head to toe! Surprisingly we are now the most tattooed nation and as we continue to embark on more invasive ways to stand out from the crowd I decided in the series to introduce some of my regretful tattooed friends to those who are about to change their appearance in a  radical way!

I have had more than 200 operations to repair the damage that was done to my face, so I am fascinated as to why people would want to willingly undergo painful procedures to transform their faces and bodies in a way that they may one day regret.  

It’s been great making the series; I’ve laughed, cried and sometime been lost for words with what I’ve witnessed! I hope you will enjoy watching it as much as I have making it!

Don’t forget to use the twitter hash tag whilst watching so I can get your thoughts on the weird and wonderful world of our body modifiers and regreters!   #BodyShockers



Interview with Pixiwoo

By Katie Piper

After working with Pixiwoo on Goks Stripped for summer I was very excited to catch up with them again and tell them all about my new Channel 4 show and share some of my beauty and lifestyle tips!

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